At a Star Wars celebration, Ahsoka reveals first footage and announces cast members

At a Star Wars celebration, Ahsoka reveals first footage and announces cast members ...

Fans should get excited about it, and thats why a Mandalorian panel might turn into a comprehensive overview of the upcoming Star Wars lineup without a moment notice. At Star Wars Celebration, a panel billed as a conversation between Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni became, well, the Ahsoka Tano show.

Because of the fact that Rosario Dawson, the lead of the film, missed the Lucasfilm panel on Thursday because to filming on Ahsoka. However, as Dawson told the crowd, it''s a good thing they do not film on Saturdays. This being the first Star Wars Celebration since the release of Star Wars live-action component, and thus this being Dawsons first Celebration since taking on the role, Ahsoka EP Dave Filoni had to give all the viewers a glimpse of what will come. Yep,

The teaser is quick (again, they have only been filming for three weeks), but it includes some huge revelations that got the entire audience screaming. We see shots of Ahsoka on a spaceship, on a dusty planet, putting her hand on a rock and a worn down sigil on the ground. We even see her (at least I think it its her) trying to maneuver a cup while onboard a spaceship.

The big reveal? Ahsoka already exists on Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett, but we only see her from behind, and she is essentially wearing her animated look. And yet one must wonder if she will be Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

We cut to a mural of the Ghost crew as the footage came to an end. All of them. Whos the greatest artist in Star Wars? Its Sabine Wren, and she is admiring her work.

Thats it, thats the footage, and it was fantastic. The audience also included a few details via guests. CHOPPER reveals that he will be a big part of Ahsoka. And then the panel welcomed Rosario Dawsons costar and Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who will play Sabine Wren.

The hype around this series has just tripled, and it was already massive. While we haven''t yet established a release date, we have plenty of information to speculate about, and that should keep us occupied until even more announcements drop.

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