Final Fantasy XIV Reintroduces An Oddly Important Fan-Favorite Feature

Final Fantasy XIV Reintroduces An Oddly Important Fan-Favorite Feature ...

AFK is not only useful to players, it also gives them the ability to stay in-game forever without having to do anything with your avatar or chat. However, this is why Square Enix and its community base have decided to reverse the trend. This time, the game''s AFK (away-from-keyboard) feature is able to significantly increase the number of players working in the game. This is because, for example, it allows players to stay active while in-game activities.

Final Fantasy XIV players have received fantastic news; the developer team has decided to bring back the oddly important feature that has absolutely no impact on your gameplay and progression. Starting Thursday, Final Fantasy XIV players can stay in-game for as long as they want, doing absolutely nothing without any consequences to their gaming session. We know it sounds ridiculous and from the gamers perspective, it most certainly is. However, the oddly important feature has just returned.

Square Enix has decided to remove the AFK (away-from-keyboard) timer from Final Fantasy XIV, allowing players to remain logged in forever without the game being kicked out. This feature was created shortly after the game''s expansion announcement in December as a way of addressing server congestion. By automating the gaming sessions of players who aren''t actively playing the game, Square Enix has decided to stop the game.

Final Fantasy XIV will have a clear advantage over AFK, or off-keyboard. It absolutely has no negative impact on players'' gameplay experience and progression, and this feature allows players to stay locked up forever without removing them from the game. In truth, many players were unaware that the game has a AFK timer, which is designed to automatically remove players after 30 minutes of inactivity.

AFK is linked with gamers becoming more active on their characters rather than the characters activity in the game. For example, you may stay in-game forever without doing anything with your avatar or simply chatting in-game. However, most MMOs automatically log out their players if they don''t maintain that level of activity only sitting and chatting. Final Fantasy XIV is also struggling with this goal.

Why does Square Enix and the FFXIV community base care about AFK being enabled? Well, it makes the online world feel complete and alive than other MMOs, and traveling to any of the in-game areas makes it easy for many players to catch up. In fact, some of the players do not even register at all, even making their in-game avatars distract the attention during gaming sessions. However, if you visit any of its locations, you''ll see a few familiar faces.

So, is the removal of the AFK timer really a major concern? Yes, to a small number of avid Final Fantasy XIV players, the ability to stay AFK forever is absolutely necessary. However, to the rest of the gaming world, its a less-than-reasonable decision that might, one day, cause massive server congestion and another removal of Final Fantasy XIV.

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