In 2019, how Marvel Teased John Krasinski's Fantastic Four Casting Returns

In 2019, how Marvel Teased John Krasinski's Fantastic Four Casting Returns ...

Fans were slammed when he heard that actor John Krasinski, most famous for The Office and A Quiet Place, had a meeting with Marvel Studios for a potential role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many believed that he was being cast in the role of Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.

Fans were surprised that John Krasinski appeared as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Krasinski even gave fans a coy tip of that hat when he saw him in the Doctor Strange sequel.

The casting of Krasinski has taken a long time, as planned when Marvel occasionally fanning those flames in the comics. However, even before that meeting with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, the MCU faithful havebeen clamoring forKrasinski to be cast since at least 2016.

Fan Casts and Captain America Have Arrived, So Far

In 2016, an interview with Conan O''Brien on his talk show revealed that John Krasinski had auditioned for SteveRogers, which he lost to Chris Evans. According to Krasinski, after being suited up for his screen test as Captain America, he met Chris Hemsworth and noticed his fantastic physique as Thor,"I went, ''I''m good. This is stupid. I''m not Captain America. It''s okay.''

Despite failing to enter the MCU, fans reacted to this news by speculating on whether or not he would play instead. Despite his desire to take over, many individuals expressed concern about his ability to assume a role similar to those he had in The Office, while others expressed concern for him to take over the role of the Inhuman king, Black Bolt.

Unveils the rest, according to the Fantastic Four''s Reed Richards, one fan cast.

The Fan Art That Got the Ball Rolling

The idea of fan demand for JohnKrasinski was no longer sparked until the day when one particular piece of fan art began to spread around the internet quickly. On January 11, 2018, a user namedlmfao616 published a piece of fan art on Reddit depictingKrasinski as Reed Richards in a distinctive blue suit.

It''s unlikely that this user made the image as a repost, as it might have been a museum, but it appears to be the most effective appearance anywhere on the internet. According to reports, one Twitter user,Hank Campbell, made a (now deleted)tweetusing this same image, lauding Krasinski as an actor and wishing he''d play Reed Richards.

Campbell''s praised andretweeted by Krasinski, saying, "Wait... how did you get this picture??? Only my wife knows what she wears to bed!"

Every timeKrasinski was fan castas Mr. Fantastic online, there was no doubt that this piece of fan art would not be far behind being published. Itsinfluence didn''t stop there any longer, as even some artists began to jump on the craze of portraying him as Reed.

John''s Interest and Influence on Marvel Comics

Following the rise in fan demand for him to serve as Mr. Fantastic, JohnKrasinski was finally asked point-blank if he would like to be featured on Reed Richards, with the actor responding positively: "I''d love that!" Despite this reaction, Marvel artist Russell Dauterman decided to have some fun with Richards, drawing them quite similar toKrasinski in one issue.

This brings us back to the comic page that has had fans buzzing since 2019. When issue #3 of "War of the Realms," a one-page spread, showed the Fantastic Four fighting off Ice Giants, fans immediately noticed the similarity between Mr. Fantastic and JohnKrasinski.

It had only been a year since the famous piece of fan art made its way around the internet. Equally, one month after the actor''s interview, it''s not surprising that at least one Marvel artist would sneak in depicting the head of Future Foundation as JohnKrasinski.

The nose and ears are the foundations of this one-page expansion, which makes this illustration of Richards look unmistakably similar toKrasinski. However, it should be noted again that it is only for this one-page spread. The character isn''t usually depicted as this again, but it has certainly helped fuelwishes for the actor to play the role.

By performing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Kerasinski will be sure to, for the time being, since she has almost immediately killed Wanda Maximoff in an alternate universe. At the moment, it''s mostly still a question whether his appearance was purely to satiate enthusiasts, or if it meant Krasinski could play the mainMr. Fantastic of Earth-616 soon.

Regardless, it''s been a long six years, but Nagrasinski made it into the MCU, but now it''s only a matter of him sticking around.

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