Back to BTS Radio: Past & Presence And Release Date

Back to BTS Radio: Past & Presence And Release Date ...

If you are a die-hard fan of the K-pop band BTS and are looking for something new from them, then we believe that the bands radio segment titled BTS Radio: Past & Presence can be beneficial for you. Well, this year has been a strong year for the popular band. But what else will be special about the BTS Radio: Past & Presence?

Read ahead to learn more about BTS Radio: Past & Presence and its other details.

The next BTS Radio: Past & Presence segment will be a three-part release. While there will be an anthology album Proof coming from the K-pop band. Before that, we would get this radio segment to watch. If that''s exciting, you should know the three-part release date and time of the radio segment by BTS. Then here''s what you must know.

BTS will start launching a game on Apple Music called BTS Radio: Past & Present. It will consist of three episodes, each beginning on May 28 at 6 am PDT (5/28 9 AM EDT/10 pm KST).Ep1 (5/28): beginning of the group and share songs that inspired their sound and style++ Advertisement

The first episode of the BTS Radio: Past & Presence will air on 28th May at 9 am EST/10 pm KST. The second one will air on the 3rd June at around 9 am EST/10 pm KST. The final part of the program would then air on 10th June.

BTS has grown to a slew of success and prominence over the years. It''s so far that they have grown to such a strong fan base across the globe. This is why it''s important to start talking about their radio segment.

[SCHEDULE] BTS Radio: Past & Present on Apple Music 1 3 Episodes May 28 10PM KST1st Ep BTS describes the beginning of the group with songs that inspired their sound and style June 3 10PM KST2nd Ep BTS has the band pick some of the ARMYs favorite songs +

This Radio episode will focus on how the K-pop band grew and gained prominence as the most popular K-pop band in the world. Having said that, fans of the band are already very excited. So, if you are willing to hear the segment, here are all the updates available for you.

With all of the BTS fans, you must be certain that you are able to keep an eye on the BTS Radio: Past & Presence. Then you may have the BTS episodes airing on Apple Music 1. If you haven''t already signed up on Apple Music 1, then you must do it right away.

The time and location of its broadcast have already been discussed. On 31st May, the k-pop band will meet with President Joe Biden at the White House. Where they''ll discuss anti-asia hate crimes and more.

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