What We Know About Lilibet Diana's Godparents

What We Know About Lilibet Diana's Godparents ...

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor is a growing up so fast, with her father Prince Harry explaining that she recently took her first steps. Lilibet was born in Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and is now living with her brother Archie in the area of Montecito. She is already a California girl through and through, with other celebrities including James Cordena''s three children, Carey, Max, and Charlotte.

Lilibet is currently eighth in line to the throne, behind her brother, father, Princes George and Louis, Princess Charlotte, Prince William, and Prince Charles. However, it is believed that she will travel to the United Kingdom in June. So, here''s a recap of a few things you might wish to know before she makes her first visit.

Who Are Lilibetas Godparents?

Harry and Meghan have been vigilant in keeping key information about their children under wraps. Lilibetas godparents have not yet been announced, although Oprah Winfrey admitted that she is not the godmother. I mean, I am a neighbour, and I am a friend. A The talk show host is a long-standing confidant of the couple, and they live in the same Montecito neighborhood.

Megan and Harry did not reveal the details of Archie until nearly six months later. They have been vocal about wanting to educate their children as private citizens, and keeping their personal lives out of the media as much as possible. However, they eventually learned that princes Tiggy Pettifer was actually the princeas former nanny, while godfather Mark Dyer was an equerry (or senior attendant) of Prince Charles.

Has Lilibet Been Christened?

The royal couple have yet to make an official announcement about a christening for their youngest child, but Lilibet is understood not to have been christened yet. Itas thought that Prince Harry and Meghan were anticipating a christening in St Georgeas Chapel in 2018.

Archie was christened in Windsor Chapel on 6th July 2019, two months after his birth. The ceremony was private, with only a few official photographs coming soon.

What Is Lilibetas Full Name?

Lilibet aLilia Diana Mountbatten-Windsor is described as "deadly" because she was a young girl. When Queen Elizabeth was unable to pronounce her own name, she was capable of saying aLilibeta, which she then became her family name. Tatler pointed out that her grandfather, King George V, was the first to beginning her by the nickname.

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