IN a talk with Jennie about the K-pop idol life, BLACKPINKs

IN a talk with Jennie about the K-pop idol life, BLACKPINKs ...

Jennie of BLACKPINK spoke forth about the physical and mental health issues that plague the K-pop sector in the competitive world.

As time passes, netizens become more aware of the sector''s darker side, and idols have not been shy about revealing some of the difficulties they have encountered.

Jennie from BLACKPINK is one of the celebrities who have recently spoken out about her struggles.

BLACKPINK is the third female band to enhance the cover of Rolling Stone. Besides, each member has a unique story to tell, and Jennie looked stunned in her photos taken. Sheanswered questions about her workother subjects.

During a conversation, Jennie was asked about one of her most pressing concerns. Its no surprise that the idol said, Today, I wonder how I will stay healthy?

After their final tour ended in 2020, Jennie became an essential character. She clarified that she had never explained why to her supporters because she did not want them to be concerned. But now she believed it was appropriate.

After my last world tour ended [in 2020], I became ill both mentally and physically. I cannot give away much information to fans, according to the author.

Jennie did not talk into much detail about her love for BLINKs but admitted that it was a difficult task since the team was always busy, and that it slowed down on all of the members.

Jennie was seen having a significant physical impact as they were so young that the band didn''t know how to look after themselves during this time. As a result of her travels, Jennies'' immunity was compromised.

According to the Solo singer, all bandmembers, who were all in their early 20s when they were dressed as they could in their early hours. Along with other bad habits, sleep and erratic eating habits became the norm. This continued for a long time.

The formative years are critical for a newbie idol group. The market requires that groups provide information, particularly music, on a regular basis. Variety shows, vlogs, and online series take a backseat, but filming is still required on a regular basis.

BLACKPINKs Jennie replied aggressively when asked if she has ever sought help from others. She added that while she was traveling, she said, her immune system had so much diminished that she was allergic reactions to things she had only touched. Jennie realizes that a healthy body is equivalent to a happier Jennie in 2022.

Jennie talked about her difficult times as trainees in the group interview, comparing survival mode to a survival show.

Jennie appears to have devised the finest ways to maintain her body and mind healthy during her hectic schedules ahead of their return.

Ankita Khanrah is a second-year student of the KIIT Deemed University in Bhubaneswar''s Master of Communication and Journalism (Integrated) program.

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