Mandalorian Experience Exhibit Proves That The Magic Is Real in Star Wars Celebrations

Mandalorian Experience Exhibit Proves That The Magic Is Real in Star Wars Celebrations ...

The greatest benefit of Star Wars Celebration is the way it brings your favorite film and television fantasies to life. Sometimes that appears like the actual John Williams coming out on stage and conducting a brand new piece of Star Wars music, and sometimes it appears like Obi-Wan Kenobi''s entire cast bows after a surprise screening. However, sometimes this transmogrification goes even further, revealing that what you believed was reality.

The Mandalorian Experience, which was announced as a surprise during Thursday''s Lucasfilm Studio Showcase, is a celebration of the two Disney+ Star Wars shows, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. What''s wild though is that, uh, its all real. Like, it''s all real, and its also really in use; Dave Filoni, the co-EP on The Mandalorian, made sure to instruct audiences not to touch any of these things, because a

Every costume, every mask, every alien, every vehicle, every blaster, every saber they are all on display, and they are all tangible, 3D objects that have been worn/affixed to/held by actors. This isnt a surprise, however. It''s impossible to really get the scale of it, to really appreciate the amount of work involved, until you enter a room filled with life-size spaceships and Banthas and a Rancor head.

This year''s Star Wars Celebration has been big on Attack of the Clones for its 20th anniversary, but there has yet to be a direct feature for Episode II. It was a predominantly digital affair, and that this film was ahead of its time because of it. However, the Mandalorian Experience is a major wow of a reminder that these new shows are tactile experiences, and one that I''m so grateful I got to experience at Star Wars Celebration. Experience a fraction of the magic of the Mandalorian

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