Is The Grand Inquisitor In Jedi Fallen Order 2 the First Trailer?

Is The Grand Inquisitor In Jedi Fallen Order 2 the First Trailer? ...

Fallen Order: Survivor Revealed

At the Star Wars Celebration event, a sequel toStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was revealed. Cal Kestis'' return is shown as he fights someone who looks a lot like the Grand Inquisitor.

This mysterious figure can be seen sitting at a desk that looks quite like the one the Inquisitor sat at inRebelsthough, as well as several other Empire goons.

A close look at his face reveals how the new villain is a Pau''an in species, the same as the Grand Inquisitor. This person appears to be a lot older and more weary. Perhaps he''s related to the Rebelsantagonist?

Since there was no active Sith at the time out from Darth Vader and The Emperor, and how he''s wearing a red lightsaber, it seems the character is at the least an inquisitor.

Cal Kestis appears to have his work fixed for him. If it is the Grand Inquisitor, the Jedi will have a difficult time beating him, especially since the character must endure for another year given his canon status in the future.

In his animatedRebelsform, the intimidating Inquisitor looks like.

The character plays a role in the newly releasedObi-Wan Kenobishow, but his design is notablely differentlikely due to the transition from animation to live-action.

Inside the opening scene for Cal Kestis'' new villain, shots of a mystery figure in a bacta tank can be seen. But who is it?

They seem to be hidden away in an abandoned and decrepit location, no matter what it is.

Fans of Cal Kestis and his fan-favorite BD-1 are undoubtedly stunned to be able to once again join them.

The new game will begin playing five years after the first game and will be released in 2023. It will only be released on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Below is the trailer for the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor''sentire.


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