Philipps, who has been a busy teen, confirms his separation from his husband Marc Silverstein after 14 years on: It's a Journey

Philipps, who has been a busy teen, confirms his separation from his husband Marc Silverstein after  ...

Busy Phillips, who plays Billy Jobs on Dawsons Creek, has announced her formal separation from screenwriter Marc Silverstein, whom she has been married for 14 years. The revelation came in her podcast, Busy Phillips, which she hopes to do her best on May 27.

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According to the episode, the two have been officially separated since February 2021, and are debating on how to make the public informed. According to the Daily Mail, the couple married in 2007, and has two children together, including 13-year-old Birdie and 8,8-year-old Cricket.

Marc and I have been separated for a really long time, and our children understand, our families know, our friends. she admitted in the episode, and when we first got separated, we couldnt even think of making one of those statements out. It made us sick, both of us, truly ill. It''s a journey.

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The two are apparently unsure of whether or not to bring their children first, which is why they waited for the news. The surest way that Marc and I have been able to ensure the privacy of our children that we so much love was by not involving the public.

Despite the split, ecstatically, the two are still together. We are very fortunate to have these adorable kids together. There are a lot of things that really work about our relationship, according to Busy.

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Despite the divorce, Busy appears to be thriving in her professional career. In 2020, she debuted her role in a hit Peacock show, Girls5Eva. The musical comedy, directed by Tina Fey, follows the story of a 90-year-old girl group.

Busy is having a blast during filming Girls5Eva. Im sorry to all the other work Ive previously Ive ever had! she said during an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with HollywoodLife. It really is a dream. Im really working with the most incredible women. Im just happy. We are having the greatest time.

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