These 33% off eye masks have 14,000 perfect ratings, and will have you saying goodbyeDarkCircles and Under-Eye Baggage!

These 33% off eye masks have 14,000 perfect ratings, and will have you saying goodbyeDarkCircles and ...

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After a night of sleeplessness or in the midst of a hectic week, the last thing you need to do is to worry about dark circles or puffy under eyes. Apparently, there is a foolproof way to alleviate these annoyances in just 20 minutes. Amazon shoppers are obsessing with a pair of 24k gold eye patches that, according to them, improve productivity by reducing puffiness and decreasing droopiness in one usage.

The Demora patches have over 14,000 perfect ratings due to their fast-acting capabilities. They are recognized by many as extremely effective and easy to use.

These eye patches make the difference when I wake up early, according to one five-star reviewer. Goodbye darkcircles and under-eye baggage! I always put them in the fridge no less than 30 minutes before I put them on (super hydrating! ). They are simple, no mess, no smell, just absolutely perfect.

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Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles Treatment in 24K Gold Eye Mask

These stunning results make sense given that the patches are soaked in highly nourishing and hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and castor oil. These are two ingredients known and loved for their conditioning and plumping capabilities. Not to mention, the patches are packed with glycerin and collagen so that when they are applied to your skin, it gets a boost in elasticity and water retention.

All of these ingredients combine to de-puff your skin, to diminish the appearance of fine lines, and give it a youthful appearance.

I have used every type of eye cream for years with no results and believe me, this result is an absolute first and immediate, which strikes me away. One customer wrote, after receiving this, I removed the pads and noticed a difference, literally.

Each pack comes with 20 patches, allowing you to spend two hours at work. These are great for use during busy days or ahead of events where you want to look and feel like your best self. They''re easy to clean and maintain while you prepare meals. Watch the latest episode ofAnd Just Like Thator and take a selfie. Once youre completed, youll be able to see and be amazed by how good your skin looks.

Until we stock up on a few dozen of these patches, please excuse us.

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