Amazon has put its beloved boho rug on sale for Memorial Day, and it has predicted us not to use it until 61% off

Amazon has put its beloved boho rug on sale for Memorial Day, and it has predicted us not to use it  ...

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I am not the only one who has experienced the following: When boom, you fall head over heels with one in particular and go to it store. Its then that you realize the price you were comfortable with is for the 35 size, and you need something much bigger. As you select your desired size and see the price triple, you decide to move on and continue your search. That''s why I need to bring the Artistic Weavers Odelia rug to your attention.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Amazon decided to give us a bone. I mean, the price on this rug, right now, is horrifying. Depending on which one you purchase, you might save a total of $483.

I love painting my space and it never feels truly complete! But, I do not get caught up in knick-knacks and wall art until I have filled my space with a good rug and furniture.

My personal rugs of choice are trendy, colorful and have a bit of boho flairso of course, and the Artistic Weavers Odelia Rug was right up my alley in whatever manner possible.

I was able to find a few good rug online, but when I discovered that the 710 x 103 size of this rug was under $146, I couldnt get it into my cart anytime soon. This baby costs $375, which means you save 66% when you buy it today.

I have honestly never seen a rug that they are so cute and so expensive, for sure. But if you are looking for something smaller, then you can always pay for it! Nearly all of the sizes offered in are currently discounted, so stop worrying, measure your room and get the one that works for you. The smallest size is down to just $13.

The colors in this rug are unusual, but the Orange/Navy combo gives you the greatest discount. Plus, a vibrant patterned rug such this one has a lifetime warranty for maintaining your floors even if they look clean; the detailed pattern makes it easier to see dirt details, and your mess just sort of blends it. This is why these boho rugs are my personal favorites.

You and your space deserve a cool new rug, and this limited-time offer is no joke, so I''ll come over and help you unroll it, promise.

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