Fans of Disney are slammed and resent about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy ride

Fans of Disney are slammed and resent about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy ride ...

Back in the years leading up to Walt Disney (DIS) - Get Walt Disney Company Report opened "Rise of the Resistance" at Star Wars: Galaxy''s Edge inside Hollywood Studios, new theme park rides meant quite long lines. That led to some really long lines, but it was a very democratic process.

If someone wanted to tour a new attraction, they would arrive at the rope drop and leave the park. That might be waiting for hours, or even the whole day, but this was a democratic process that rewarded those who were willing to wait. It was perhaps not the best system, but it was a process that rewarded the most loyal people.

People who wish to have a seat in the queue must follow Disney''s app (sometimes from inside the theme park) and hope to get a spot in a boarding group.

Some people get early boarding groups in a quick draw competition or a lottery (which basically guarantees they will get to ride, while others get later groups (meaning they may or may not depending on how well the ride performs). Others will not receive a group at all.

In its first weeks, getting on the ride with a late boarding group was an issue with "Rise of the Resistance" (RotR), which apparently broken down. This does not appear to be a problem with Cosmic Rewind, which has not encountered similar difficulties during test runs and passholder preview day.

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What Does Epcot''s GotG Cosmic Rewind Queue Work?

It''s actually quite similar to how Disney started using the virtual queue for the ride (it has since stopped that practice, and RotR is now a traditional standby line).

"Guests who wish to ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind will have to purchase a $17 individual Lightning Lane pass to the ride or enter Disney''s virtual queue for standby access. Both tickets will open at 7am in the official Walt Disney World My Disney Experience app. Make sure that everyone in your party is registered together in the app, then refresh it right before the hour, so that you can submit your request at exactly 7 a.m. Eastern time," according to a theme park insider.

Disney also offers a second chance opportunity at 1 p.m. The company does not want to provide people boarding groups that never get called (which happened with RotR).

"There will be a second-chance entry to the virtual queue at 1 p.m., and guests of Disney''s Deluxe hotels may also request to enter the queue at 7 p.m. on evenings when Epcot will be open for extended evening hours. "For the 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. virtual queue entry opportunities, you must have a park reservation for Epcot, and you must be physically in the park for the 1 p.m. entry opportunity," Niles added

Disney/GotG Fans Take to Twitter

Fans of Disney World and Guardians of the Galaxy are manifestly excited about Epcot''s first roller coaster. Many people shared photos of the ride and the merchandise being sold to commemorate the movie''s official release. A lot of Twitter posts, however, expressed concern about the virtual queue system.

People who did not get a seat in the queue had a fairly typical apology. Despite many others, Disney''s "Imagineers" was commended for the reliability of the ride.

Some visitors expressed their displeasure for people to double dip and get a boarding group from the virtual queue for a Lightning Lane ride. This means some Epcot visitors (those who are both lucky and willing to pay) may ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind twice before others go on once.

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