As the Natalie Wood case fades, Robert Wagner has been cleared

As the Natalie Wood case fades, Robert Wagner has been cleared ...

In the investigation into the death of his late wife Natalie Wood, the Los Angeles County Sheriff''s Department has cleared Robert Wagner.

All leads in the Natalie Wood case have been exhausted, and the case remains a closed, unsolved litig, according to Lieutenant Hugo Reynaga.

If additional leads come to the test in the future, which have not been investigated, the case will be relegated to a detective to investigate the new leads.

Page Six has reached out to the LASD and Wagners rep for a reply.

Wood died over the Thanksgiving weekend in 1981 at the age of 43 when she was drowning while spending time with Wagner and actor Christopher Walken on her family''s boat.

DetectiveRalph Hernandez, who retired from the police in March, declared Wagner a person of interest in 2018 after interviewing witnesses who claimed Wood had been arguing with Wagner at the boat''s edge.

Woods'' death was initially considered an accident, but her death certificate was amended in 2012 to remove her from drowning to drowning and other unresolved issues.

In 2021, her sister from The Miracle on 34th Street told The Post that she always believed Wagner was responsible for the death of Woods.

Lana Wood said that she didn''t believe her experience was premeditated. But that doesn''t mean she didn''t think she did it. Of course, he did!

Lana found out that none of the Wagners or Walkens words rang true to her at the time because what they had been doing about the night in question did not correspond with the stardom.

Natalie''s statements that she had taken the yachts dinghy to party hop among the boats parked in the harbor might well have been that she was trying to fly to another planet. They were totally out of character.

Wagner has long denied any wrongdoing.

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