Southern Pride is put on fullDisplay by UGK And 8Ball & MJGs Verzuz Battle

Southern Pride is put on fullDisplay by UGK And 8Ball & MJGs Verzuz Battle ...

On Thursday evening (May 26) the Verzuz battle between legendary rap artists UGK and 8Ball & MJG had sparked an unabashed show of southern pride. The event was organized by southern luminary and veteran DJ and radio personality Greg Street. The event drew a wacky crowd of begeistert fans who were willing to rap alongside each lyric spat.

Bun B launched into the fan-favorite 9 Little Milimeta Boys with a coin toss, which UGK won after Bun B chose heads in honor of Pimp C. Not one to be outdone, but both groups took turns expressing gratitude and sparked a positive reaction on the UGK discography. This particular Verzuz would be friendly, yet competitive.

As the Orange Mound-bred duo made all of the stops, bringing out DJ Tina and Jazze Pha on Sho Nuff. Bun presented flowers to and acknowledged the rap legends'' production of his verse on MJGs Middle of the Night (Remix), which the UGK member revealed he remembers seeing Twista lay down in the studio back when.

Bun B remained a one-man army despite being solo for the majority of the night. With his 2005 EP Draped Up, Take It Off from the UGK Dirty Money album, and the Underground Kingz cut The Game Belongs to Me, he flaunted the stage presence and showmanship that kept him in touch for over three decades.

The Texan has been beaten on all cylinders by the latter half of the matchup and after recording Murder from Ridin Dirty, he brought things to a good start with a performance of One Day, which he dedicated to Pimp C, the trillest ni**a ever born. Bun also sent his condolences to elected officials for their failure to combat rising gun violence in America, while urging everyone in attendance and watching.

The rapper and Million Dollaz Worth Of Game co-hosts were all receptive in the atmosphere throughout the night. One unexpected moment occurred when what initially appeared to be a stage-crasher, which she described as ''yelling to everybody for supporting his legacy.'' I just want to thank everyone for coming out, recognizing that he wouldn''t be anything without him.''

Big BoiBun B summed up the vibes of the night before returning to the house with a spectacular performance of Intl Players Anthem (I Choose You) that included a cameo from his only guest of the night. We are the South. Bun told the crowd and those watching remotely. I came to rep this sh*t as my brother would. F**k what they other ni**as talking bout, get some South in your mouth.

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