Laverne Cox joins her Barbie doll with her at a 50th birthday party

Laverne Cox joins her Barbie doll with her at a 50th birthday party ...

The Laverne Cox was aged 50 in style.

At a Barbie-themed party in New York, the actress celebrated her birthday, and she even wore to match the new doll in her appearance.

The LGBTQIA+ advocate was recently honored with the first Barbie named after a transgender lady, which is part of the Mattels Tribute Collection.

The Orange is the New Black star who, after reaching 50 on Sunday, showed off in a red leather corset and a long, sheer red skirt over a sparkling silver catsuit.

What makes me think of her being out in the world is that trans-exposed people may see her and maybe get to buy her and play with her, and know that there is a Barbie made by Mattel for the first time, in the same vein as a trans person, according to People.

The Emmy winner ensured she had a party that would be as simple as possible, including a life-sized box that guests may use with photo props.

In various variations of its classic outfit, pink poodles as well as cardboard cutouts of her new doll were featured in decorations.

I was like, What if we had a look that looked,'' Cox told E! News, adding that while she would have preferred the doll to feature multiple outfits, it was also necessary to improvise with a single multi-use look.

Cox said, she gives you a catsuit fantasy. Barbie is in place. She is giving you looks. She is also offering you everything.

The actress even had a five-tiered, bow-trimmed cake for her milestone birthday, decorated with her new doll, according to her friend Paul McGill''s Instagram account.

In conjunction with Walmart and Target, Coxs Barbie is available on Mattel website for $40.

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