The Epic Games Store has released one of the best collection

The Epic Games Store has released one of the best collection ...

Epic is already offering BioShock: The Collection, a comprehensive package of all three mainline entries in the critically-acclaimed BioShock series, including BioShock Remastered and BioShock Infinite. This is a great feature, given that gamers should never wait until the game gets it on June 2. Apart from this, Epic is launching a new collection of games that combine several elements into one cohesive story.

Epic Games Store regularly offers free games on their store, but unlike some other digital storefronts, Epic is offering AAA titles more often. This time, the companies, offering BioShock: The Collection, a collection spanning all three mainline entries in the critically-acclaimed BioShock gaming series, have released a new freebie, and anyone interested in playing one of the most beloved games will get them for free on Epic, now through June 2.

Epic''s latest freebie comes via Destructoid, stating that the Epic is now offering BioShock: The Collection for free, with all three new mainline entries in the BioShock franchise, as well as the Minervas Den and Burial at Sea for BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite.

Most people who purchase BioShock: The Collection for free are now receiving a complete package of all BioShock releases to date, including all DLCs. This includes the Directors Commentary for the first BioShock game, and the game is now available on Xbox 360. This offer only applies to the PC version of the game, and gamers are not willing to wait until it arrives. On June 2, bioShock: The Collection will be available for free.

There have been plenty of freebies available on the Epic Games Store, and some are quite impressive. To be honest, these aren''t the latest titles, but you can still build an impressive collection of games for zero dollars, zero cents. Here are some of the best-known Epic gaming titles that Epic game has no longer used during time, and each week has a new title, sometimes two.

The first two games for BioShock series take place in a disused underwater city, Rapture, before the greed, superpowers, and the wealthy combined ruined the utopian society. Both the original BioShock and its sequel are more akin to a first-person shooter who evolved into one of the most well-known gaming companies in the gaming world, and hopefully on the silver screen and streaming as well.

The third title, BioShock: Infinite, is a straight-up shooter, which includes similar elements from previous two games, such as superpowers, but does not glie too heavily on said elements. It is a classic tale of a princess locked up in a tower instead of a castle and a dragon, while you are traversing a gigantic floating city run by a madman, therefore the third entry in the BioShock: The Collection might not be a game for you.

Outside the aforementioned BioShock: The Collection, the series is expected to go mainstream, although there has been nothing to go forward lately. However, we did learn a few details about the game''s narrative and character.

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