Will Shoresy Have A Season 2? What You Should Know

Will Shoresy Have A Season 2? What You Should Know ...

Shoresy, an offshoot of Letterkenny, on Hulu, is scheduled to compete with the colder Sudbury Bulldogs of the Northern Ontario Senior Hockey Organization, who is also known as the NOSHO, under the solemn oath to never lose another hockey game. Hopefully the Bulldogs have a better season than they usually do, which might lead to another season for Shoresy.

Shoresy will likely be a departure from Letterkenny''s typical methods. The grit and shady of hockey locker rooms will likely add to its success rate, which was originally based on a YouTube series called Letterkenny Problems. Letterkenny has already spawned 11 seasons, which is a big drawback for Shoresy if it can capture some of the original seriesa magic.

Whoas In The Shoresy Cast?

The 100''s titular hockey fanatic is the only character being carried over from Letterkenny. The Bulldogsa tough-as-nails team manager Nat will also play in the series, starring former NHL players Brandon Nolan, Jordan Nolan, and Jon Mirasty. The cast will also be injected with a little bit of influence.

When Will Shoresy Season 2 Premiere?

There''s been no confirmation of a Season 2 yet, depending on the show''s first season. Shoresy was announced in June 2021 and was not ready for screens until May 2022. It appears unlikely that, given the production''s benefit, a second season would fall in 2023, assuming it gets renewed.

Are There Plans For Shoresy Season 2?

Jacob Tierney, who plays the showas director, recently discussed the ways in which Shoresy is different from Letterkenny. aTheyare different beasts, he said. aTheyare different things, he said. aShoresy is attempting to make something somewhat more expansive, story-wise, than it is on Letterkenny. That''s why I''m particularly interested in getting people to see all six episodes and watch them in order as soon as he sees them, according to Tierney

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