Idols Fritz Hager Reveals New Music Is Definitely Coming & Hints At Leah Marlene Collab

Idols Fritz Hager Reveals New Music Is Definitely Coming & Hints At Leah Marlene Collab ...

Fritz Hager was one of the top five artists on American Idol season 20, and he made it all the way to the top 5. After seeing Fritzs on Idol, it appears that this is just the beginning for the Texas singer. Now that the show has come to an end, Fritz wants to keep the momentum going and start the next chapter of his music career.

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HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Fritz about new music in the near future, and he promised that there will be some more soon. He also talked about his amazing fans, his future, and his inevitable collaboration with Leah Marlene, as well as other interesting dating rumors. Read our Q&A below:

Fritz Hager: When the season has passed, how are you aware of everything that happened in the last few months? Right now, it''s really about keeping this momentum going. I feel that these next couple of months may be really beneficial for my future while im here, trying to sort of stay in the business that Idol had, and stay locked in my future.

Do you have a new song called Hearts Align? A new one? Fritz Hager: I am going to be playing live more. I hope I can do this and complete a whole program. It''s difficult to tell what will happen, but a whole lot of new music is also going to be released.

Fritz Hager: I was always composing in the hotel room during all of my Idol experience. I have recorded several songs in the hotel room, which I really cant stop because writing is my outlet. I was really relieved of all of the stress that entailed me. Im always writing. While I was in LA, there is still a lot of cool stuff on the line.

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Is it just by ear? Fritz Hager: I know that im going to leave Texas. It''s like a coin flip almost. It really just comes down to what opportunities come my way. I think that, regardless, I''ll be moving back and forth between the two cities. Im just concerned.

Idol''s fan base for years was incredible. Fritz Hager: It blows my mind every time. Obviously, votes kept me in the competition for a really long time. It was then, for me, oh my gosh. It was then that I was winning the encore performance on Kelly and Ryan, and it really affected me, as many people are stepping back and supporting me. What''s new next?

During the finale, you got the opportunity to play with James Arthur. What I liked most clearly, but being able to talk with him about his experience on X Factor and how he maintained that bond was fantastic. I was simply very grateful for that. I was just very grateful to be able to share the stage with him and chat with him.

The season 20 group was honestly one of the most tight-knit groups I''ve seen on Idol in a long time. Fritz Hager: We all got close from the start because we had just been there for a long time. It''s almost like trauma bonding. We were all in it together for a very long time. It''s almost like that. There isn''t a lot of people out there that can really relate to that and understand it. Im super grateful for that support. We

I just spoke to Leah, and she said that there will be more Leah and Fritzs content in the near future. Fritz Hager: If we didnt do something together, it would be probably the greatest misstep of our career. Yes, Leah is a fantastic musician and an incredible vocalist. There will certainly be plenty of Leah and Fritzs content for everyone in the world.

I have an eye for duets, so I need you guys in the studio writing a song and sending it to the world. Fritz Hager: Since Hollywood Week, we were somewhat limited in what we could do. Now that the programs have come over, im really happy to see what happens. There will be plenty of it.

I think some people wanted you and Leah to follow couples like Gabby and Cade. What your reaction when you saw those dating rumors going around? Fritz Hager: Yes, this is because it kind of tyres us up because it''s so not that. I think that people do desire that every time one of us goes live or we post something on Instagram, there are always people who ask the dating question. But they were just really good friends.

Is there anything you learned about yourself or something that impacted you? Fritz Hager: It''s hard to quantify that just because I''ve changed so much since my first audition, just as a person. I think it''s likely that confidence and knowing that this is what I''m supposed to do. It''s probably the biggest difference to me personally, but there''s always a desire to know who I am as an artist from the first note that comes out of my mouth. Im really, really excited to take all I

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