A fun slasher flick in the video game The Quarry is now available

A fun slasher flick in the video game The Quarry is now available ...

The Quarry is the next game coming from Supermassive, the studio behind Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures Anthology. This week, I got to play a brief bit of the game. Superficially, the games are quite similar, but it''s got some fun, campy (no pun intended) vibes that their predecessors lacked.

The game is a video game game formed in the fictional Hacketts Quarry. It involves a handful of teenage camp counselors having one more night of fun at the end of summer. During the fun, some human hunters and something supernatural impact the party. It''s up to the player to keep as many of the teens alive as possible, and the choices you make as you play will determine their fates. Yeah, Until Dawn-meets-Friday the 13th.

Its rough being a camp counselor

Until Dawn: I was not allowed to play a large amount of the game, but I was also allowed to play as a few of the kids during my preview period. Well, I say kids are all played by actors who range in age from the mid-20s to the early 30s. Yet I find that the characters do not have to spend time alone and receive orders to stay inside where it is safe. So what do you do? Go outside to have a big party.

The characters match the usual teenage archetypes used in Until Dawn. Youve got the bro, the shy girl, the pretty blonde, and of course, one character who is the facto leader. None of them have much depth, at least not from what I saw. You''ll probably be able to spot the murder victims and the possible final girl/guy as soon as you see them. If youre a real horror movie fan, you''ll probably be able to guess their death order.

MetaBeat''s 2022 release date

On October 3-4, MetaBeat will bring together metaverse thought leaders to discuss how metaverse technology will alter the way all industries communicate and operate.

The occasional bizarre bit of mocap, where a character faces does not quite move as naturally as I assumed. However, it''s not as big a deal here as in Until Dawn I assume because it doesn''t quite put the camera quite so close to their faces as the latter game did. For the most part, the actors did a fantastic job of acting like what adults think silly teens act like.

Whos on first?

My only concern is that so far the perspectives aren''t particularly well-described. During the first bit of gameplay, it switched between characters every few minutes. Occasionally my only suggestion that I was playing as someone new was either when a new dialog prompt for that person came up, or when I paused and their face was all over the menu screen.

It''s not a big deal, except they''re selling a lot of characters connections, and I want to make the correct decisions for those characters. It''s difficult to do if Im not sure, from one moment to the other, which character Im playing.

A few things have been said that the game will not have multiplayer available at the time of its launch. Perhaps I am not sure if multiplayer is the appropriate strategy to frame this mode: It''s a co-op mode where players may vote on what decision they make. Im curious to see how much use this will get once it arrives sometime after the game does.

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