In Get Em Back, Bobby Shmurda Switches Climates

In Get Em Back, Bobby Shmurda Switches Climates ...

The newly-independent Bobby Shmurda has been launching the campaign through a series of releases since his retirement from Epic Records. The latest video from the Brooklyn rapper comes in the form of his new single Get Em Back, which captures Shmurda in full sniper mode.

The film, directed by Ishell Vaughan, finds the rapper shifting the weather at the drop of a dime, from shooting hoops in the steep snow while surrounded by a harem of hotties to snowmobiling on the white slopes with ample eye candy. Shmurdas'' darkhearted antics give a distracting contrast to his vengeful lyrics, while reveling in the pursuit of revenge.

Shmurda, who accused Epic Records of ignoring him after declaring his displeasure with the labels'' management of his career, announced a new project called They Don''t Know. It will be his first full-length release in seven years and his first since returning from prison in 2021, but the project has yet to materialize, with its titular cut and accompanied music video, which has been the most amazing drop from Shmurda since that announcement.

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