Hailey Biebers' Glazed Donut Skin is 20% off, according to the Hydrating Cleanser

Hailey Biebers' Glazed Donut Skin is 20% off, according to the Hydrating Cleanser ...

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This is why we have written about everything the model wears and uses, but it is because she is #goals in every way possible. We have got the DL on all of her beauty essentials, one of which is now available.

Hailey posted a YouTube video of how she gets her famous glazed donut skin before going to bed. HoliFrogs Tashmoo Water Lily Nourishing Milky Wash, a hydrating face cleanser, has previously stated that she is always wearing a multitasking beauty product, so this pick makes absolutely no sense.

Im going to use a second step cleanser, she explained in the video. I prefer something that''s like a milkier, hydrating, and nourishment wash. I never like for my skin to feel dry and stripped and tight after I wash it.

You hear ya, Hailey! HoliFrogs'' creamy face wash is perfect for dry, dry, and irritated skin, because it''s packed with skincare ingredients, such as water lily root, lotus flower, and panthenol to moisturize.

Algemote, a blue-green algae, protects against environmental hazards. Miranda Kerr, the founder of Kora Organics, previously talked about the other benefits of algae. It increases dullness and even improves skin tone, so your skin is brighter, firmer, and smoother.

The aloe vera and sunflower seed oil maintain good redness while adding vitamin E to your complexion.

The only other thing that would make this product even better is a discount, certainly. Leave it to Dermstores Summer Sale to get you 20% off. Just be sure to enter promo code SUN at checkout before the sale closes on June 1.

Hailey swears by this face wash, which is easy to see. If the glowing shopper reviews are any indication, those who have dry to combine skin will want to lather their face in the Tashmoo Water Lily nourishing Milky Wash ASAP.

This is a gentle gentle cleanser, which I use in the morning when my face isn''t dirty with sunscreen or makeup, and it leaves my skin feeling clean and moist, according to one five-star reviewer.

The product is incredibly quick to apply: Wet your skin and then rub the face wash in gentle circular motions. Instead of having your hands deep into your skin, you can give yourself a mini face massage every morning and night. Finish by rinsing off the cleanser and patting your face dry. Glowing, healthy skin in an instant.

Very creamy and satisfying! Did not repurpose the skin like many other supposedly gentle skin cleansers, raved another shopper. Gives the skin a great dew and plump feel as well.

There''s only one thing left to do: shop the Dermstore sale and checkout with HoliFrogs Tashmoo Water Lily Nourishing Milky Wash. Get ready to twin with Hailey with the most fantastic donut skin ever.

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