After an awful 50 cent tattoo, an artist was left reeling

After an awful 50 cent tattoo, an artist was left reeling ...

For years, 50 Cent has seen passions in music and on peoples skin. That doesn''t mean they are all of the highest quality.

Show Yoh, an African artist, recently received some ink to honor Fifty. It''s the idea that counts in this instance, because the result did not meet the standards that anyone would judge a tattoo by.

This photo was included in Show Yoh and he was probably unaware that it would make its way around the globe. He also probably didn''t anticipate that so many people would drag the new piece that he had permanently chiseled into his back. His caption was a much fitting tribute than the actual ink he was showing.

Not every tribute track can be a winner, but tattoos are equally common. One African tattoo artist is likely to imply that he kept his art off the internet for the wrong reasons. A huge tattoo of 50 Cent has gone viral, thus show Yoh may regret it a bit.

This 50 Cent portrait tattoo was not just bad, but it is also huge. Its canvas consists of several poor subjects back. Until now, the internet is having a field day with this Fif tribute. There are still many things that have already been made. We only hope that he didn''t pay more than 50 cents for the artwork. You can check it out below.

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