11 Beauty & Wellness Brands Built in Eastern Philosophy

11 Beauty & Wellness Brands Built in Eastern Philosophy ...

The weave reimagined a vibrant new age of beauty, with a variety of brands established in ancient Eastern beauty and wellness practices. Itas so different from a decade ago, when the Western beauty industry was dominant the conversation and knew little about the centuries-old beauty traditions and traditions of the East. Then, Korean beauty exploded, and the remainder is history. This opened up the idea that beauty traditions and products from the Eastern world might be incorporated into Western practices.

Despite its rapid growth, traditional Eastern medicine and self-care modalities, such as Ayurveda from South Asia, Japanese Kampo, and Indonesian Jamu, are among the highlights. Today, the landscape is rich with distinctive brands that are proven to be patriotic in one direction or another. From Japanese bath rituals to a perfume line aiming to reclaim South Asia''s colonial past, here are some of the AAPI beauty and wellness brands you must have on your radar.


Japanas traditional bathing practices, ancient botanical wisdom, and reverence for nature are all combined with the power of high-quality CBD. This luxury brand is a sanity blend of luxury services.

Takashi Nobuhara, the founder of Shikohinas'' business, discovered the value of herbs and botanical remedies as a child when he was hunting for mushrooms and edible plants. These ingredients are also beneficial to boosting cannabinoid receptors, as well as stimulating CBDas anti-inflammatory properties. Another benefit of the company is the use of a rice powder and hemp body scrub, as well as antioxidant tablets, as well as Tsubo-Oshi, a silicon massage tool to stimulate reflexology points.


TanaAs, the founder of their eponymous beauty line, draws profoundly from their South Asian culture and its conflicting colonial past, as well as from a life spent in America, from the Midwest to New York. All of the triumphs and equities of their personal and family history a and those of their lands that nurtured them a have been combined together to form them into their future identity, according to their work in In Sensorium.

These are the foundations of each of their perfumes, which is blended with ethically-sourced essential oils of flowers, fruit, tree resins, and absolutes. Many of them are indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, including betel leaves, roasted seashell, coconut milk, and henna. Grab their excellent copy to get a taste of their relation to fragrance and how it ties to everything that was before them.


Yina is based on Yang Sheng, a core practice of self-care that promotes longevity and vitality in traditional Chinese medicine. Both Yinaas founders, Angela Chau Gray, and Ervina Wu, have researched TCM and Chinese medicinal plants, and found this line of products and tools to address these teachings. There are also body and dAcolletage balms to alleviate different skin problems.


Planktos is the first pharmacy-developed, clinically tested, Ayurveda-inspired brand to address three major concerns of people with melanin skin: hyperpigmentation, dehydration, and inflammation. According to an Ayurvedic wisdom, Planktosa products are fueled by three varieties of the melanin-regulating ingredient, including one from amla. The facial essence calms and soothes with rose water, chamomile, and licorice, while ashwag

5.Mount Lai

TikTok, an Esthetician, learned that her grandmother grew up using her skin care routines as a way to pause their hectic lives and concentrate on others. She learned from the power of their skincare routines, including gua sha tools, rollers, eye masks, and acupressure spoons, all of whom have different characteristics: jade for eternal youth, tranquility, and peace; amethyst to soothe and heal anxiety; and black obsidian to draw out blockages

6.Moringa What

The moringa seed oil, a drought-resistant shrub, is able to produce nutritious pods, leaves, and seeds, and is compatible with small-holder farms in India to achieve results. It contains a high dose of Omega 9 fatty acids, which can help prevent hair loss by reducing the production of DHT, an androgen responsible for baldness. There is also the moringa leaf powder, a nutrient-dense caffeine replacement, which can do double duty as an ingredient in homemade face and

7.Taza Ayurveda

Taza was founded by Divya Viswanathan and Amy Engel after the Ayurvedic medication had a profound effect on their health issues. The supplements are made with sustainably-sourced wild herbs, harvested by marginalized Indian tribal communities in the area. Their restful sleep regimen includes valerian root and Indian sarsaparilla. The cherry on top? The supplements are made with sustainably-sourced wild herbs, harvested by Ayurvedic guides. The tribal communities have traditionally maintained access to these lands


Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western Kampo have combined this line of plant-based herbal powder blends to meet common health issues, such as stress, skin, gut health, immunity, and energy. Shizu Okusa, the founder of this company, was planning to create a plant-based pharmacy that has access to high-quality botanicals.

The stress-busting Chill the F* Out stars asian matcha, chlorella, and ginseng, which gives boost to your mind, body, and immune system. Do Not Disturb provides a sleep-inducing and stress-reducing herbs, including holy basil, rose, and mucuna.

9.Squigs Beauty

Nikita Charuza''s product is Squigs, a brand that currently includes a hair and scalp treatment, powered by Indian gooseberry or amla oil, which has been described as a hair superhero in Indian communities for years. The product also includes oils derived from coconut, castor, coconut, kalonji, and orange peel, as well as long-time essentials in Indian skin care regimens.


Stephanie Tan, the founder of NOOCIas, wanted to make Traditional Chinese Medicine more accessible to a wider population. Using the TCMas'' holistic approach to treating the body, she developed a brandas range of supplements that contain herbal ingredients such as jujube, ginseng, and rose to help regulate menstrual flow, and perilla leaf, reishi mushroom, and mint to alleviate allergy symptoms. Alternatively, NOOCI offers an easy to dip your toe into TCM


Juara, a company founded by three AAPI women, is influenced by many of Indonesia''s most powerful botanical ingredients. Candlenut oil is infused with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and penetrates the skin easily and profoundly. Turmeric, coffee, fermented black tea, and rice moisturizer are among the most popular ingredients from their selection. The Candlenut Glow Body Oil is also used in conjunction with the energizing sugars and seeds.

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