Accidental Jake Lockley References from the Moon Knight DP (Exclusive)

Accidental Jake Lockley References from the Moon Knight DP (Exclusive) ...

Oscar Isaacs Moon Knight had a lot going on in its six installments, from Steven dealing with Marc to Spector, who was battling Khonshu at the start of the season, but found Jake Lockley to be the culprit. Despite all of those things happening at once, the titular characters situation was dubbed "the bad guy."

At the start of Episode 3, both Marc and Steven are surprised by the tragic deaths of several people; incidents they just don''t remember being behind themselves. This sort of confusion even seemed to be new for Marc, who had once always been in charge.

In the first moments of the show fourth episode, there was also the shaking third sarcophagus in the asylum, along with all of the other Jake Lockley teases.

One of Moon Knights cinematographers has commented on how the team tries to narrator the third personas appearance throughout the film, indicating how many of them were happy accidents.

Paving the Way for Jake Lockley

Andrew Droz Palermo, the director of photography for Moon Knights'' third and fourth seasons of The Direct, discussed filming multiple Oscar Isaacs as well as sneaking in references to the titular characters'' third persona in an exclusive interview.

Palermo admitted that sometimes [the Jake Lockley''s comments] weren''t always deliberate, but he did often attempt to attempt and catch two [Oscar Isaacs] in a conundrum: "

Sometimes they weren''t always intentional, but they''d be minor happy accidents. Often, when you look closely in a mirror, you can see that there is a double image. So anytime, where I could eat two Oscars in a reflection, even if it was a subtle thing, It always felt like a victory for me because I know that people who know the comic book would be looking for that.

How often did these situations occur? Well, according to the filmmaker, these are all over, and audiences may often see a little double image instead of a single image:

They are all over, and often it''s not just a single reflection. Particularly ones that are less off the shelf. Some people may look at a little double image rather than a single image.

Jake Lockley is actually the persona who asked Stevens'' co-worker out on the date in the first episode of the series. Palermo is a firm believer but has no idea how this happened.

I have absolutely no doubt that. I always assumed that Marc had asked, but that does suit you. I believe you there. Marcs married I never considered who had asked either.

One of the most difficult tasks for the cinematographer was when [there was] twinning, with these situations each posing a different challenge:

I think anytime there is twinning. Anytime there is either two Oscars in one room or Oscar talking to himself in a reflection. When the camera moves, that challenge is amplified. I didn''t have many of the complex situations that [Gregory Middleton] had in Episode 5, where it''s an entire episode of twinning. But from the start, that number five was the twinning episode, and that every bell and whistle known to him was going to be utilized.

At the end of the second episode, [Oscar Isaac is] talking to himself in the pyramid structure and how they had to shoot him many times while employing multiple techniques to relieve personality constraints:

We used a variety of techniques of concealing cuts, or Oscar simply changing character in the middle of a pan so that when it was off of him before it went to the mirror, he might modify character. We also used other techniques that allow us to repeat a camera move, and he might be in a different position.

Palermo joked that even today, when he sees reflective surfaces, he thinks of all of those situations:

These mirrors and thingswe completed the show at the end of October [of 2021], and I still kind of see reflective surfaces everywhere and think about them. And im glad not to be shooting those right now.

One of the most famous scenes in those mirrors was the moment Steven Grant had his fateful conversation with Marc Spector in the storage unit. So how did they remove it? Well, they first tested [all of] those surfaces, and when it came to film the scene, there was no other person sitting inside the room, except the camera operator:

Wefirst of alltested those surfaces. It''s possible that when used for pre-production, and then we tried to get rid of them so that we could avoid yourself in the reflection. It''s a tricky thing to do so only if the camera operator does not recognize him. So, when his body isn''t overlapping Oscars body in his reflection, the VFX can come in and erase him, because we got clean plates.

The VFX division played a significant role in making the whole scene possible, as they photographed the entire room [which was invaluable] in their experiments.

The whole room is then recreated in 3D after they do all of their LiDAR scanning. For the most part it was just keeping my lights off the floor, and then attempting to avoid the camera operators it was a pain [at times] because your mind decides what you need to do, and then you get there and frame it up, and then you realize, Ah man, im in the shot! These little concessions to make the entire job.

Oscar Isaac''s performance throughout Moon Knight had to accommodate for varying degrees of sanity. So how did Palermo help portray this? According to him, he simply [left] Oscar [Isaac] the room to run:

I think you''re leaving Oscar [Isaac] the room to run, to move, and to be fidgety. When Oscar is getting ready, you light often, but the stand-in is just sitting in a chair. So when youre starting to light, you start building. You add a stand here; you add a stand there. Suddenly, you have no freedom as an actor to move.

Palermo asks himself if [he] is boxing the actor in order to allow them to move the room he needs:

So, I like to look at the objects around and ask myself, ''Am I punching the actor in? Is it okay in this case? Do I think that they will not do anything beyond what we have previously said? Or do I need to allow them room to move? I also try to adapt that for actors. It can be difficult to provide good lighting and space for them to move. So, you know, it''s a push or pull.

The Subtle Jake Lockley Introduction

While MCU fans divide every little detail, one might think every Easter Egg or nod to something was all intricately planned out. However, based on what Palermo had to say, that doesn''t appear to be the case.

For example, third reflections might not have been planned at the beginning, but when everything happened to come up that way, creatives on the other side of the camera were more than willing to take advantage of it.

It is great to hear how familiarPalermo appears to be familiar with some of the source material. Even if he isn''t intimately versed in all the details, the filmmaker is well-versed enough to be on the lookout for things.

The hints to Jake Lockley''s existence have become even more apparent to the point that they are more geared towards both Marc and Steven. At some point, the two will have to realize how something strange is happening with them.

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+.

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