A New Release Date Window for the Taika Waititis Star Wars Movie Has Been Released

A New Release Date Window for the Taika Waititis Star Wars Movie Has Been Released ...

The Mandalorian started on Disney+ in December, but it quickly slammed fans on the trilogy and the studio''s direction. While Lucasfilm claims Patty Jenkins, Rian Johnson, and Taika Waititi''s Star Wars films are coming, the status of the studio''s film slate has been far too difficult to locate as the Death Star intends.

The future of the galaxy far, distant has apparently been seen on Disney+. Along with two seasons of The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni both released The Book of Boba FettandObi-Wan Kenobi, with Andor expected to release on August 31, followed by The Mandalorian''s third season, Ahsoka, and now,Star Wars: Skeleton Crew with Jude Law.

Fans have been anticipating some clarification at Star Wars Celebration as a result of the franchise''s theatrical ambitions; however, the answers aren''t as complete as some might wish. Lucasfilm finally gave some clarification.

Waititi''s Star Wars film has been confirmed until late 2023.

Kathleen Kennedy, the director of Total Film, admitted that Taika Waititi''s Star Wars film is the studio''s next film from the galaxy, far away with the original goal of a release in 2023.

Fans should expect the film to go closer to 2024, but when the president of Lucasfilm was specifically asked about its release date, she clarified, saying, "Yeah. Not 2023, but late 2023."

If the director''s film would assuming the December 2023slot that originally was scheduled for Patty Jenkin''s Rogue Squadron''s release, Kennedy said, "We haven''t locked anything in."

When the film begins filming, nor has it been confirmed as much as it has any further details.

WhileWaititi is best known in the franchise world for directingThor: Ragnarok, and Thor: Love and Thunder, he is no stranger to Star Wars. In addition to directing an episode of The Mandalorian, he provided the voice forIG-11in Season 1 of the Pedro Pascal-led series.

When Will Waititi''s Film ACTUALLY Release?

Fans have accepted that simple because a Star Wars film or project is announced, that does not mean it will happen.

The Star Wars trilogy, which would''ve been released this year by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, was canceled after it was drafted, and audiences are still waiting for Rian Johnson''s to be canceled.

While Taika Waititi''s film is likely to take the stage, Kathleen Kennedy''s statement still gives off a sense of urgency in terms of when this movie will be released in theaters. The fact that she said "late 2023" before admitting that Lucasfilm hasn''t "locked anything in" suggests little has been made or nailed down.

Star Wars Celebration isn''t limited to little to no presence, thus the studio has nothing new to share or confirm.

While a Taika Waititi Star Wars film appears to be coming to theaters, the question is whether or not to get it there; according to Lucasfilm, it''s a fact that the studio is still unable to answer.

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