Candivore has raised $10 million in investment for casual multiplayer games

Candivore has raised $10 million in investment for casual multiplayer games ...

Candivore, the creator of the popular mobile game Match Masters, has raised a $10 million donation to develop casual multiplayer games.

Vgames, an Israeli venture capital firm specialized in video games, and investment fund Tiger Global Management are investing in the capital. Candivores total fundraising has reached $22 million, of which $12 million was raised in 2021.

Over 30 million downloads have been made across the mobile app stores, with more than 5 million monthly active users playing more than 10 million matches daily.

This latest package includes a Candivores upcoming ad campaign for the United Kingdom. Both television ads and online experiences, the US ad campaign, which aims to attract more players to its Match Masters mobile game, is set to launch on May 27 and will feature singer Robbie Williams and star and football player Vinnie Jones.

MetaBeat is set to be available in 2022.

On October 3-4, MetaBeat will meet with metaverse thought leaders to discuss how metaverse technology will transform the way all industries communicate and do business.

Candivore has launched several similar campaigns in Germany with tennis legend Boris Becker and in Poland with comedy star Cezary Pazura.

Match Masters transforms the popular match-3 genre into a player-versus-player (PvP) competition. Guests will play live against opponents in a fast-paced turn-based environment, which includes varied gameplay modes every day, tournaments and events, allowing them to earn rewards.

In a statement, Gal Goldstein, the CEO of Candivore said that while we continue to work hard to increase features for our players, our continued partnership with Vgames will help us to make Match Masters even more rewarding for our worldwide community.

Match Masters obtained significant earnings that compares to games with games of all sizes that have infrequent audience members. In March 2022, Match Masters received $7 million.

Eitan Reisel, the founder of Vgames, said that the mobile gaming market is experiencing tremendous growth, and Candivores Match Masters has already established itself as one of the greatest mobile games. I am confident that this mobile gaming experience will gain traction, thereby providing ample opportunities to stakeholders and gamers alike.

On June 11, 2022, the Candivore team will feature live DJs, interactive games, competitions, influencers, and celebrity meetings, as well as television and online events.

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