According to reports, 33% of orgs lack a digital focus on accessibility

According to reports, 33% of orgs lack a digital focus on accessibility ...

According to the Valuable 500, 54% of businesses have an active disability accessibility policy.

The disabled community is no minority, with 1.3 billion people on the rise, yet people with disabilities are often confronted with a growing list of discriminations, from shrinking salaries to increasing living costs.

Disabled workers were among the most affected during the epidemic, and now millions of disabled workers are facing a living standards situation, with less pay than non-disabled workers, but higher energy and transport costs.

The research suggests significant progress towards disability inclusion across all business functions, from recruitment to advertising, with 81% of respondents declaring an improvement on their pre-pandemic disability strategies.

Many recruiting processes require an attention to disability, transforming disabled representation and increasing an inclusive working ethic from the burden. Sixty-five percent of respondents say they are adjusting their interview process, while 73 percent advocate as an inclusive employer, and 62 percent express support for disabled applicants.

Despite the fact that the report demonstrates significant improvements, further action is still needed for disabled individuals as well.

Thirty-three percent of businesses have failed to develop or began to implement a digital approach to accessibility. Despite the rise of new technologies, including Microsoft''s new range of accessibility accessories, and Apple''s new assistive technologies, the digital transformation continues to leave people with disabilities behind.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) are at the forefront of customers and employees'' business perceptions. But it''s time to all address the missing A: accessibility.

Disability is not a minor issue, and businesses cannot longer afford to ignore more than one billion people.

The Valuable Truth Report examines the accessibility initiatives undertaken by the Valuable 500 community. In collaboration with C Space, Savanta, and ilumino, the survey posed 49 quantitative questions spanning customer offerings, marketing representation, C-Suite engagement, internal culture, research, and reporting.

Read the full report by the Valuable 500.

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