Joyce has received a letter from Enzo in season 4 of Stranger Things

Joyce has received a letter from Enzo in season 4 of Stranger Things ...

Is it still possible to remember the first time you walked foot in Hawkins, Indiana?

When Stranger Things was first released in 2016, many people were right there, while there are a few others who were a little late to the party.

There''s one thing in common, whether late or not: An undying love for this world of sci-fi and horror that the Duffer brothers have given us.

To say that season 4 has been highly anticipated would be an understatement. Season 3 left fans worried for more in the summer of 2019. The July transition now feels like a lifetime ago, but now that Season 4 part 1 has welcomed us back to the fold, it feels like we never left Hawkins.

You''ll be urged to keep an eye on some things from the past while reading the new installments. Exactly, what does Enzo mean in Stranger Things?


Enzo in Stranger Things explained

Joyce receives a package with a Russian postal address that includes a mysterious doll. Murray cautions that she should smash it open to see what the doll is.

Inside there is a piece of paper with a message, written with clippings rather than in handwriting to make it untraceable.

The post-credits for Season 3 revealed that Hopper was alive and being held by the Russians. Indeed, the note assuring Joyce that he is alive reads: Hop is alive. He looks ford too date. Pleeze to make resarvazion, call 7-415-218-4642 Open twelve day P.E.T.T. No govt, pls. Kind regards, Enzo.

The customer''s email was sent by proxy and the number gives them the contact number of a guy named Enzo.

This is the real name of the Russian guards, Dmitri Antonov, but he assures Joyce that Hopper is stuck but can be freed if they send $40,000 to Alaska.

Its a date

You may or may not remember that Enzos was the name of the Italian restaurant in Hawkins that Joyce and Hopper planned to use on a date.

However, things didn''t go to plan, and Hopper eventually became a prisoner.

The detail, by reading between the lines, might be a defense for whether or not Hopper is actually alive, but it may also show up that the date at Enzos is still a possibility.

Is there a happy couple''s day? Well, you have to wait and see it.

If you do not watch a party, you need to start streaming right now.

More Stranger Things is on the way

The second part of Stranger Things Season 4 will be available on Netflix on Friday, July 1st 2022.

Part 2 will give fans two additional episodes to complete the nine-episode season. Besides that, audience members may expect a fifth and final season of the iconic series.

Season 4 of Strangers Things is now available on Netflix.

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