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The Tomato Festival "La Tomatina" Canceled In Spain

The Tomato Festival "La Tomatina" Canceled In Spain

The authorities of Valencia canceled this year's celebration of Tomatina. According to El Mundo, this is the second time in the 75-year history of the tomato festival, which is held at the end of August (on the last Wednesday of the month) in the town of Bunyola.

Until this year, the holiday was canceled only in 1957, but the passion of Spaniards for the battle of tomatoes was so strong that the next year the event was resumed. Since then, tens of thousands of people have thrown tomatoes at each other every year. About 140-150 tons of tomatoes are used in one day, and several trucks are needed to deliver them.

The Valencian authorities decided that it would be extremely difficult to organize this popular event in the conditions when the world is raging with coronavirus.

On Tomatina in Bunyola come from all over the world, one day the population of a small town (10 thousand inhabitants) grows several times. Interest especially increased after 1983, when a report by the journalist Javier Basilio, specially invited to the event by residents, appeared on television. Since then, the holiday has been broadcast by TV channels in many countries. Several films have been made about it, and video games have even been made based on it.

By the way, in recent years, participation in the festival has become paid. According to the organizers, ticket prices were set for security reasons, to limit the crowd and prevent mass riots.

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