The game has a slew of 3D art styles

The game has a slew of 3D art styles ...

Nobody can deny that game development is a complex, difficult process. Often, individuals face a brick wall when it comes to selecting a visual display. What are the most common styles? Which one is the best for your project''s core and purpose?

We are not magicians, but we are incapable of doing anything. However, we can highlight a few of the most prominent 3D game visual styles, explain how they are utilized, and display examples. This will help you to clarify and inform your game development journey.

We want to point out that mobile devices visuals are identical to those that are found on PCs and consoles. It''s only that the realistic style is more prevalent on more powerful platforms, while the cartoon style is more significant in mobile games for technological reasons. As a result, differiating styles by platform is useless.


The objective of a realistic style is to make visuals appear as near to life as possible. It may be a current flight simulator, a WWII shooter, or a strategy game aimed at rebuilding and improving the Daytime Romes economy.

Usage Laws are widespread

Realism is crucial when the player has to be thorough in the scenario and have no doubts about the actual situation. It may be racing simulators, for example. It is essential to express a sense of fear while simultaneously allowing the characters to exercise their minds.

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Realism Fantasy

For the time being, this 3D art style would not have been ruled out from the previous one. Think of Cyberpunk 2077, a Polish publisher who has developed it for over eight years. Any fantasy, steampunk, or science fiction environment that appears to be completely realistic, is deemed fantasy realism. At least for the time being.

Usage Applications in the United States

Adventure shooters, quests, and action/RPG games are all well-suited to a realistic yet surreal environment. This strategy keeps users interested and remains new and exciting by providing a large space for creativity without limits or ties to actual life.

Polyurethane is a low-cost option.

This unique design has been popular for several years. These are low-poly images that resemble a jumble of triangles. This style is characterized by a high labor force. Anti-aliasing is rare when it comes to developing low poly. That is, each polygon has its own distinctive hue.

Low poly art focuses on models'' design and materials as well as stage lighting. This styles designation does not imply that the artwork has little polygons. Sometimes, the number of polygons in such works is in the millions. Low poly art should not be confused with the term low poly, which refers to low poly models made from high poly models in order to save money on polygons.


This technique is distinguished by freehand texture painting. Without using geometry, all shadows, highlights, and minor details are created on the texture. However, you may believe that this technique is no longer applicable. However, when you look at Dota and Warcraft, the value of aesthetics has a whole new meaning.

Usage Applications are common.

This aesthetic is often used in fantasy and strategy games like Rise of Industry. It is powerful enough to fully immerse the player in the scenario while being light enough to avoid excessive hardware being used. Its hand-painted effect may have a tendency towards comics, cartoons, or even realism.


This 3D art technique, often referred to as casual, involves slashing poly and hand-painted techniques. This technique is usually used hand-painted, while other times it isn''t used at all.

Colorfulness, relative simplicity, exaggerated accents, and non-standard proportions are all contrasting qualities. There is a sense of belonging to each author, which adds fresh charm to the art direction. The boundary between styles is relatively thin here, although it may be captured if desired.

A few of the most significant sub-styles may be found here. The voxel style, for example, is a 3-D version of pixel art. Everything is made up of voxels, which are three-dimensional colored cubes.

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