California's Self-Driving Car Startup Loses a License

California's Self-Driving Car Startup Loses a License ...

Alongside electric vehicle engines getting caught fire, an accident with self-driving cars may wreak havoc on the company''s image and use.

Despite a public outcry and criticism from the National Transportation Safety Board, a self-driving Uber (UBER) - Get Uber Technologies, Inc. In the wake of Elaine Hertzberg''s death in Arizona in 2018, the company suspended pilot testing and did not renew its self-driving automobiles.

Multiple Tesla stories have been recorded - Get Tesla Inc Reportcars getting into accidents while in self-driving mode.

The effort to incorporate more self-driving automobiles to the roads has remained constant.

In the United States, around 1,400 self-driving automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles are being tested.

What''''s The Self-Driving Scandal This Time?

In California,, an autonomous vehicle company, took its license to test its automobiles with a safety driver.

The Department of Motor Vehicles of the United States changed its decision, which had allowed to test-drive 41 autonomous automobiles with 71 safety drivers, or a person who can take control of the vehicle in case of a problem.

In November 2021, a startup located in Silicon Valley and Guangzhou, China, lost the permit for testing without a safety driver after a self-driving car crashed while traveling around the highway.

"While reviewing the Pony.ais request to renew the testing permit, the DMV found numerous violations on the driving records of active safety drivers, according to a spokesperson., which was recently valued at $8.5 billion following a $400 million investment from Toyota (TM) - Get Toyota Motor Corp. Reportin 2021, was established in 2016 and has been working to expand its self-driving automobiles into other markets in the United States and Asia.

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"" is aiming to revolutionize autonomous vehicle technologies by providing safety as the foundation for our organization, and we are proud of our safety record," a media reporter said.

" has ridden over 6.8 million real-world autonomous miles, in which no injuries have occurred."

In the Guangzhou region of China, the company had been granted permission to bring over 100 self-driving taxis.

"Although the safety role of safety drivers to facilitate safety testing of autonomous equipment, and the need for these drivers to maintain a clean driving record as established by the DMV''s autonomous vehicle regulations, the DMV is revoking the permit immediately, according to a California DMV spokesperson.

Have Self-Driving Cars Hit A Road Bump?

Many people are surprised we are unaware that self-driving automobiles have become "the future."

In 2016, some predicted that by 2020, 10 million self-driving automobiles would be driving around the United States.

While the time has shown, bringing self-driving technology to roads has proved to be more challenging than it would be successful.

Permits are difficult to obtain and, as''s case demonstrates, easy to lose.

While the vehicle technology has been developed years ago, certain flaws that arise in a few percent of situations prevent it from being used more often.

High-profile accidents have also pushed regulators to adopt a more conservative approach when it comes to permitting self-driving automobiles on the road.

"The last 10% is really difficult,," says Professor Mathew Avery of Thatcham Research, who works at Thatcham Research.

"That''s when you''ve got, you know, a cow standing in the middle of the road that doesn''t want to move," said the author.

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