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Archaeologists Have Uncovered A Unique Ancient Necropolis In Egypt

Archaeologists Have Uncovered A Unique Ancient Necropolis In Egypt

The archaeological mission of the Ministry of tourism and antiquities of Egypt discovered an ancient necropolis where sacred animals, including very rare ones, were buried next to people while conducting excavations in the city of Sakara.

According to Archaeology & Arts, excavations at this site in Saqqara began in April 2018. They are still going on. Just these days, the researchers started the third stage of work.

They managed to find a necropolis that is markedly different from other similar structures in ancient Egypt. It is made in the form of a ditch with a depth of 11 meters.

Five tightly closed stone sarcophagi were found at its bottom, as well as a burial chamber containing four niches with wooden coffins. Also, in the same necropolis, there were burials of people of later periods.

In one of the mentioned niches, a massive anthropoid wooden coffin was found, decorated with yellow hieroglyphs. Near it, archaeologists found 365 faience ritual figurines, some of which are also decorated with hieroglyphic inscriptions.

There was also a small wooden obelisk about 40 cm high. All its four sides are decorated with painted scenes with images of the goddesses Isis and Nephthys, as well as the gods Horus and Osiris.

Among other discovered artifacts, three clay jars stand out. They probably contained the internal organs of dead people, which were traditionally removed from the body during mummification in ancient Egypt.

Also in the necropolis were found many mummified birds and animals that were revered in Egypt as sacred. Some of them are extremely rare in ancient Egyptian tombs.

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