The 13th Legal Battle on Friday Might Be Over

The 13th Legal Battle on Friday Might Be Over ...

The 13thfranchise hasn''t seen a new sequel in 13 years, according to the incredibly long-runningFriday. Why not? Well, the original director Sean Cunningham has been embroiled in a legal battle with screenwriter Victor Miller since 2016. And now, the court case is coming to an end.

Miller submitted a copyright termination to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, which he later transferred to the court of Appeals. It has last existed for over three years.

Right, don''t you think it, right? While this update back in late September pushed the case closer to a conclusion, there were still opportunities for further appeals or even a petition to the Supreme Court. However, according to entertainment lawyer Larry Zerner (who was going to play Shelley in Friday''s 13th Part III),Cunningham did not file a petition to appeal the judgment, which makes it appear like the prosecution is ended.

If there is to be a secondFriday the 13th film in the future, both parties must look for a strategy to resolve the issue.

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