Full Finale Breakdown for Hawkeye

Full Finale Breakdown for Hawkeye ...

SPOILERS for Hawkeye''s season finale are covered in the following post.

After all the fussing and the fight, Hawkeye realizes that everything hes been hunting throughout the season. In Marvel Comics, his wife Laura sees the S.H.I.E.L.D. number 19 and Mockingbird. Later, they married for a while. So does this mean Laura used to be Mockingbird? So if you had any doubt.

In our new video, we break down that mystery and go through all of the Marvel Easter eggs and references in theHawkeye finale. Wele through how this version of Kingpin is different from the one inDaredevil, the connections to the Echos relationship from Marvel Comics, and the shoutout toAnt-Man.

Check out more of our NetflixsDaredevil series, all of the Easter eggs in Episode 5 ofHawkeye, and our theories why Kingpin wanted Hawkeye dead. Plus, all of our future episodes are now on YouTube.Spider-Man: No Way Home is now streaming on Disney+.

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