Chapter 4 of John Wick Announces the Official Release Date

Chapter 4 of John Wick Announces the Official Release Date ...

This week, Keanu Reeves and HBO Max are returning to theaters as one of his favourite characters in The Matrix Resurrections. Wed heard that aChapter 4 was initially planned for release in May of 2021, but it was delayed for a variety of reasons (not including Reeves'' work onThe Matrix Resurrections).

The film would be released in May of 2022, but Lionsgate, which distributes the John Wick films, has just put a new teaser for the film, indicating that the current release date is quite a year away. The film will now (hopefully) hit theaters on March 24, 2023.

Chapter 4 will select which character is left off. Besides Reeves as John Wick, the film will feature Laurence Fishburne, Lance Reddick, and Ian McShane. Donnie Yen and Scott Adkins will play the actors in the roles, which should make for a fantastic thriller. Michael Finch and Shay Hatten wrote the script forChapter 3.

Chad Stahelski, who was responsible for the three previousJohn Wicks, directed the film. Fun fact: Before he became a director, Stahelski served as Keanu Reeves stunt double on the originalMatrix.And you can see Chad in The Matrix Resurrections playing the small but significant role of... Chad. Heh.

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