The Matrix Resurrections Isnt The Start of a New Trilogy

The Matrix Resurrections Isnt The Start of a New Trilogy ...

Lana Wachowski, director of The Matrix Resurrections, has dismissed the speculation that thefourthinstallmentin the popular sci-fi film will lead to a new trilogy of films.

Wachowski was asked if the Matrix Resurrections opened the door for a new series of adventures at the San Francisco premiere. After answering a joke about deflecting to her producers, she reacted by calling out, no.

According to Wachowski, the Matrix Resurrectionswas never intended to come to fruition in the first place. I told everyone for 18 years I didnt intend to make anotherMatrixmovie. Lilly told everyone she didn''t intend to make anotherMatrixmovie.

However, anexternal event in Wachowski''s life forced her to reconsider the possibility. Eventually, I had a tragedy in my life, my parents passed away, and I needed to be well-being emotionally assisted. I just wrote it, and I wasn''t sure what I''d say about it, and then I read a note of the story [to a colleague] and said, "Oh, my God, this is the story."

WhileThe Matrix Resurrectionswill probably be the lastMatrixmovie Wachowski or her sister, Lilly directs, who knows what is in store for the franchise''s future. Perhaps the Wachowskis will hand over the reins to another filmmaker, or perhaps Lana Wachowski will simply change her mind like she did before. After all, Keanu Reeves has stated that he will be honored to return for anotherMatrixmovie.

The Matrix Resurrectionsis is now on HBO Max.

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