Keanu Reeves has met with Marvel about completing the MCU

Keanu Reeves has met with Marvel about completing the MCU ...

The rapidly expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe already has an impressive roster of A-list talents, but one cant help but notice that Keanu Reeves has never established foot inside a Marvel movie. In a recent interview, however, the Matrix Resurrectionsstar confirmed that he and Marvel chief Kevin Feige have met down to discuss their potential future involvement with Marvel Studios.

Reeves said, "It''s hard to imagine that he and Feige have found a Marvel character to play," said, "We haven''t seen it yet. We have met, and [Kevin Feige] is a cool cat. Yeah. But no, we have met, and there''s a good possibility that eventually, the heads of Marvel will select a role that''s suited for him. Regardless, whether or not the villain is not.

Reeves asked if he''d like to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point last month. It''s almost like a multi-verse, it''s a Marvel-verse. He said, however, it would be an honor. Some fantastic directors and designers, in terms of scope, ambition, and production. It''s also nice to be a part of that.

While it might take a while, it appears that Reeves is likely to be on the path to becoming an MCU. Until then, we can see him kick butt in The Matrix Resurrections, which begins in theaters and on HBO Max on December 22.

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