This Weeks Hawkeye Experiences a Shocking Marvel Return

This Weeks Hawkeye Experiences a Shocking Marvel Return ...

SPOILERS FOR Hawkeye Episode 5 in the following post

OnHawkeye, every season, there have been suggestions and teases thatsomeone significant was going to begin by the end of the show. First. there was a vague mention to Maya Lopez, the character known as Echo, who then appeared to be working for some unidentified person. Clint Barton mademention ofsome mysterious guy that he was concerned about being involved. Who might it be?

The Kingpin was played by Vincent DOnofrio. He previouslyappeared as Wilson Fisk on three seasons of Daredevil, the flagship of a group of Marvel series on Netflix that predate the launch of Disney+ and the creation of Marvel Studios.

The rest of the Marvel movies were supposed to be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Daredevil,Jessica Jones, Liuke Cage,Iron Fist, and The Defenders were all all forgotten. After Marvel and Netflix ended their relationship, the characters fromDaredevil,Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Javier Farro were all forgotten. They didnt even receive a cameo inAvengers: Endgame. Fans began to question whether they were

Kate Bishop learns that her mother Eleanor hired Yelena Belova to kill Clint Barton and that she has some kind of connection to the Kingpin. This season, DOnofrios'' appearance was not the most shocking twist. From what little we saw of Mayas uncle, he had DOnofrio sized hands and also wore cufflinks, which were considered a major character in the Kingpin fromDebbie. Plus, Maya and the Tracksuit Mafi

With Kingpin officially being announced in the MCU, the move opens the way for other Netflixs Marvel characters to return, including Charlie Coxs Daredevil. (Kevin Feige already said he will be the MCUs Daredevil if and when the character appears.) So who will also appear in the series of theDefendersumbrella of shows? Well, well, you will know this Tuesday, December 22, who will appear in the Season finale ofHawkeye on Disney+.

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