What Is the Marvel Multiverse? A Quick Introduction

What Is the Marvel Multiverse? A Quick Introduction ...

The multiverse enjoys Marvels movies with Spider-Man: No Way Home. If you havent read comics or skippedLokiandWhat If...? The concept can be quite intimidating. There are many versions of familiar heroes and villains, even dead ones? How does it all work?

It''s important to see the multiverse inLoki, what the heck the Sacred Timeline is, how the multiverse functions within the Marvel and DC environments, and how alternate timelines can create new universes as part of the multiverse. It''s all very confusing, but once you break it down, it''s all relatively easy to understand. Below:

Check out more of our videos below, including one on No Way Home and whether they might be variants, the mysterious identity of the sixth member of the Sinister Six inNo Way Home, and more on the YouTube channel. Plus, there is a lot more happening on Saturday Night Live.Spider-Man: No Way Home is scheduled to open in theaters on December 17.

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