Is Spider-Man: No Way Homes Villains a figurative variation?

Is Spider-Man: No Way Homes Villains a figurative variation? ...

Although we don''t know much about theSpider-Man: No Way Homes plot, we know this: Several classic Spider-Filled superheroes, including Alfred Molinas Doctor Octopus, Jamie Foxxs Electro, and Willem Dafoes Green Goblin, are all in the film. We also know that the characters arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Peter Parker and Dr. Strange cast a spell that goes awry and holes in the multiverse.

There are still some serious concerns about these bad guys. Is Molinas Doc Ock the guywe met inSpider-Man 2, or is he the Ock from another corner of the multiverse who just so happens to look like Alfred Molina? The Electro in theNo Way Home, the other is a blue being created entirely out of electricity, while the other is a dude wearing a tech harness with yellow lightning bolts all over. How might they be the same guy?

In our latestSpider-Manvideo, we investigate whether or not these villains are the real deal or variants? Watch it below:

Check out these videos below to see the mysterious identity of the sixth member of the Sinister Six in No Way Home, our description of where Venom might start in the film, and all the Easter eggs found on the last No Way Home trailer. Plus, you can also check out ours on Facebook.Spider-Man: No Way Home will open in theaters on December 17.

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