Watch Spider-Official: No Way Home's Opening Scene

Watch Spider-Official: No Way Home's Opening Scene ...

The opening sequence forSpider-Man: No Way Homes has been shared with Tom Holland''s film before the sequel''s release in theaters next week. The clip, directed by Seth Myers, was followed by an interview with Holland himself.

The preview of the aftermath of Peter Parker''s identity reveal in Times Square reveals that New Yorkers interrogate MJ (Zendaya) on being Spider-of-Man''s girlfriend and whether or not they tried to kill Mysterio. Peter joins in and slings them both away from the audience, claiming that Spider-of-Man is the number one contender in the country thanks to J. Jonah Simmons'' video.

Watch the video below, which follows Holland''s conversation with Meyers about the upcoming Spidey film:

In true Marvel fashion, greatlengthsare are being taken to preserve the film''s more sensitive plot points. In fact, Holland claims that only 40 minutes of the film are being previewed before the premiere, in order to prevent spoilers from coming early. This film is really a celebration of three generations of cinema, according to Holland. We want to keep much of it back as soon as possible.

All of this makes us think that the intense secrets inSpider-Man: No Way Home have the potential to transform the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. We can already anticipate the return of classic Spider-Man villains and more multiversal madness, so whatever else in the film is likely mind-blowing.

On December 17, Spider-Man: No Way Homecrash-landed in cinemas.

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