The Disney Plus Premiere Date for the Eternals has been announced by Marvel

The Disney Plus Premiere Date for the Eternals has been announced by Marvel ...

Following a long run in theaters, MarvelsEternalsis has moved to streaming. Today, the company announced that its most recent blockbuster, based on the Jack Kirby comics, will be available on Disney+ starting on Wednesday, January 12.

In addition,Eternals will be one of the Marvel films featured on Disney+ in an IMAX Enhanced print, which (according to Disney''s press release) gives subscribers a more picture with an expanded aspect ratio for an immersive viewing experience at home. Marvel has begun streaming select titles in IMAX with a slightly improved preview ratio to reflect how they were shown in IMAX theaters back in November. The studio already has 13 titles in IMAX Enhanced versions.

Eternals, which has seen $157 million in U.S. theaters and around $385 million worldwide, is the seventh largest movie in America in 2021, with Shang-Chitopping it with $431 million worldwide, but Black Widow is also seeing the worst Rotten Tomatoes score and CinemaScore in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Well see how reviews and office ratings are affected by the fourth and final Marvel film of 2021,Spider-Man: No Way Home, when it will premiere in theaters next week. PerhapsEternals will be one of those Marvel movies that plays better at home, where you can rewind and freeze frame and get really granular in all of its quirky details.

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