The Directors of The Little Mermaid Say A Metal Men Film Is Coming

The Directors of The Little Mermaid Say A Metal Men Film Is Coming ...

FromThe Little Mermaid toAladdin toMoanato...DC Comics Metal Men?

Ron Clements and John Musker are on a trajectory. Some of Disney''s biggest hits, including Hercules,Treasure Planet, andThe Princess and the Frog, are apparently on the way to the Warner Animation Group, where they will develop a cartoon character based on DCsMetal Men.

The rest of the exploration were not revealed, but the animation and Ballards'' work onSpace Jammay will go further. Both were inspired by whip-snap and irreverent humor.

The Metal Men, a group of robots based on a different (duh) metal: gold, iron, lead, and platinum. Dr. Magnus created them with namesakes and abilities; Iron was very strong, Mercuriy might turn into liquid, and so on. Given their abilities and their outlandish designs, they might be the DC Comics property most appropriate to animation.

The LEGO Batman Movie,Scoob! (which was as much about Hanna-Barbera superheroes as Scooby-Doo) and next yearsDC League of Super-Pets, which features Krypto the Super-Dog and a variety of other super-powered animals fighting Lex Luthor. That sounds great, but a Musker and ClementsMetal Men are all very well invested in superheroes.

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