Who Is Hawkeye's Mystery Villain?

Who Is Hawkeye's Mystery Villain? ...

The latest episode ofHawkeye has shown that there is a hidden villain on the series. While Echo is running the Tracksuit Mafia, Clint claims there is someone above her, someone you dont want to mess with. Furthermore, in the episodes flashback to Echos childhood, there was her mostly unseen uncle who was supposed to take her home from her karate class. Given Marvel''s philosophy, this uncle is probably the one who is above her in the United States too, but who might it be?

This video from our latestHawkeyevideo explores all the potential villains in Marvel''s latest mystery villain. (Latest because almost every Marvel Disney+ show sfar has featured a shocking twist villain at the end? Perhaps it''s Jack, Kate Bishops, who did appear in the Marvel Netflix series but has yet to cross into any other Marvel property.

Check out more videos below to see all of the Easter eggs inHawkeye Episodes 1, 2, and 3. Plus, there are plenty of videos available on YouTube byScreenCrushs. Be sure to subscribe to all of our next episodes. New Hawkeye episodes on Wednesdays

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