In a new interview, the Matrix Resurrections plot details were revealed

In a new interview, the Matrix Resurrections plot details were revealed ...

The Matrix Resurrections, a fourthMatrix film, has been released in theaters and on HBO Max in a few weeks. However, we still have only the vagueest of assumptions about what the film is about. Sure, yknow, the matrix, and Keanu Reeves Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss Trinity in it even though they died in the lastMatrix movie. And yet as to how they are alive, or why Morpheus now looks like Lauren

The film inEntertainment Weekly has a new cover story, and although it doesn''t give away much, it also contains a few new details. Here''s how the article, which includes interviews with Reeves, Moss, and writer/director Lana Wachowski:

Neo and Trinity are seemingly alive and well, but their minds are locked away inside the Matrix, which has become more dangerous. They have no apparent memory of their past, yet Neo is haunted by it. He sees flashes of what he considers to be ordinary life.

According to the article, the key new character in the film is apparently Bugs played by Jessica Henwick; she is one of the blue-haired women seen in The Matrix Resurrectionstrailer. When Lana [Wachowski crosses Neo''s path, we get more clues about just why she was so compelled to return toThe Matrix.

Wachowski stated of the film that art is a mirror... some will prefer to gaze at the surface but there will be people like me who enjoy the look of the glass. This film, for them, was made for him. Of course, fans who watched the mirrors immediately thought about this clip, which added some additional twist to Wachowski''s quote.

There''s still a lot to do, but what more will you need? ItsThe Matrix. There will be martial arts, philosophical discussions about reality, and absolutely no spoons whatsoever.The Matrix Resurrections opens in theaters and premieres on HBO Max on December 22.

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