George R.R. Martin demanded that HBO make ten seasons of Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin demanded that HBO make ten seasons of Game of Thrones ...

The HBOs Game of Thrones follow the events of author George R. Martin''s fantasy books, but eventually the series proceeded to complete them. Martins has previously only written five of the papers, and the most recent,A Dance With Dragons, has been released ten years ago. Martins has been working on the sixth book,The Winds of Winter.

While Martin planned everything out, the TV show would have been delayed until the season resumes. If everyone had found the ending, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss eventually found their own conclusion (with input from Martin) and concluded the series after eight seasons and 73 episodes. Ideally, the show would have lasted a lot longer.

Martins agent Paul Haas uncovers that Martin himself pushed HBO to continueGame of Thrones beyond the eight season run.

George would have a dinner with [former HBO CEO Richard] Plepler, beg him to do ten seasons of ten episodes, because there was enough material for it, and to say that it would be a more satisfying and entertaining experience.

HBO obviously would have requested more episodes, and Game of Thrones was their biggest series, and one of the most popular cable shows. But Benioff and Weiss were tired, according to Haas, and were ready to come to an end in order to do other things. SoGame of Thrones ended with those three-week series, which received widespread reactions from fans. (Appearing toTinderbox, Martin was irritated about Benioff and Weiss'' choices in the final seasons, and they said they''

Martin didn''t get his additional seasons ofGame of Thrones. Buteven asThe Winds of Winter remains unpublished, he did get another fantasy series on HBO. In 2022, the firstGame of Thrones prequel,House of the Dragon, will be available on the channel.

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