Adam McKay reveals the reason for the split with Will Ferrell

Adam McKay reveals the reason for the split with Will Ferrell ...

After one of the most successful and creative comedy partnerships of the 21st century, they producedAnchormanandTalladega NightsandStep Brothers, and soon began working together. In 2019, they announced that they were dissolving their partnership, sold their website, and split their Gary Sanchez Productions into two separate groups. When they announced the split, they released a statement saying, "We will always collaborate creatively and always be friends." However, they haven''t worked together again.

According to McKay, they are not friends anymore. While McKaychoosing was able to focus on more aggressive and less aggressive comedy programs, and Ferrell initially wanted to produce more intense musical chores (and things he might star in) and ultimately changed his mind. So he recast Ferrell''s part without telling him.

McKay''s actual last conversation with Ferrell is enacted, according to the author.

I said, Well, I mean, were splitting up the business, says McKay. And he basically was like, Yeah, we are, and he basically was like, Have a wonderful life. And im like, F, Ferrells never going to talk to me again. So it ended not well.

For his part, although he won''t discuss any specific projects,Ferrell said in a recent interview that his relationship with McKay slowed because [McKay] desired growth and a sphere of influence, and that he did not appeal to him.

On December 24, McKay toldVanity Fair that hes emailed Ferrell to find a way to reconcile their differences. So don''t take your breath forthatStep Brothers 2.As for McKay, his next film, the apocalyptic comedy Dont Look Up, premieres on Netflix.

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