The 12 Most Difficult Christmas Movies Ever Made

The 12 Most Difficult Christmas Movies Ever Made ...

What you think of a Christmas movie, then what you think? Is it the festive, snowy settings or the warm, tingly happy endings? Holiday films are filled to the brim with joy and good cheer... at least, most of them are. There are actually a few Christmas movies that are really quite dark. Intrigued? Read on.

If you''re tired of traditional Christmas movies, don''t worry, or you may not be becoming the Grinch. Instead, check out some of these seasonal appropriate picks. One day you realize how terrifying these movies were when you were young. Upon closer examination, Frosty the Snowman is real danger. Okay, right?

With the disturbing animation in The Polar Express, some of the following titles might not be considered family-friendly. However, some are generally intended for kids, making their creepiness even more bleak.

These are the darkest Christmas films of all time, from horror films (yes, holiday horror films exist).

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