In his new series, Hawkeye is deaf

In his new series, Hawkeye is deaf ...

Hawkeye is being spooked in the following posts.

The first episode of Hawkeyesfirst features Jeremy Renners Clint Barton in the audience at a Broadwaymusical about the Battle of New York. The show is, frankly, terrible. Clint is able to endure it mostly because he has his hearing aid off. The consequence of him returning it on so his daughter may ask him a question is how we learn that Hawkeye is now partially deaf.

If you missed anything, you could have guessed it. Later in the two-partHawkeye premiere, the show explains Clints hearing loss with a brief shot and explosions from throughout Hawkeyes history in the MCU. That tells youall you need to know; there wasnt one incident that left Clintdeaf. Instead, a decade of superheroing along with who knows how much espionage he did before he first showed up in the event in 2011sThor gradually

It makes sense when you think about it. Imagine how loud thismoment fromAvengers: Endgamemust have been from Clint Bartons'' perspective. And that''s one incident out of dozens or hundreds.

The Hawkeye of Marvel Comicsisa deaf character was lost 80 percent of his hearing in the early 1980s, but the hearing loss was restored to Marvel continuity, according to the series by Matt Fraction and David Aja, which is one of the most significant influences for the future Disney+ show.

A topic from a completely Clints deaf perspective was addressed through the use of wordless panels and sign language, according to FractionsHawkeyeeven.

GivingRenners Clint''s hearing loss does strengthen the character''s communication skills. But lots of Marvel Cinematic Universe characters differ from their literary counterparts. The Hawkeyeof Fraction and Ajas series wasnt married with kids, for example, and the television show didntwrite outClints family only to match that aspect of the book.

Two episodes intoHawkeye, and it is already clear that one of the key themes of this series is how to be a mortal in a world dominated by godlike super-beings. The shows other Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, is introduced as an innocent young girl who is nearly killed when aliens invadeManhattan during the Battle of New York. She survives, only to carry emotional baggage from the event. She is determined to protect herself and her family, and she is up to become an expert marksman and

Clint and Kate escape a fire in her apartment, leaving Kate to the subway, where she tells Kate he must regroup and get supplies before their next move. Avengers supplies? Kate giddily asks. At which point the show cuts to...

...Hawkeye is putting on Neosporin, cotton swabs, and rubbing alcohol supplies to treat the wounds he suffered from from the burning apartment building. Clint then shows Kate how to dress cuts and scrapes so they will heal properly. This is the less-glamorous side oflife as an Avenger as an Avenger. There were too many characters, too much plot, and lack of time to do it, but it is also one of the major features of theHawkey

Hawkeyes deafness underscores that point. During his time in the MCU, the actor has accomplished a lot of good, even before he played a crucial role in rebuilding half of the universe inAvengers: Endgame. Sometimes, things include missing Christmas with your family, like when Clintsactivities as Ronin duringAvenger: Endgameendanger Kate Bishops'' life in the present.

Those themes will continue to play an important role inHawkeye.Two episode in, the show has barely introduced Echo, another Marvelsuperhero who is alsocanonically deaf. Hawkeyes hearing loss should only be emphasized in the overallthemesofthis TV series. But it''s unlikely that an upcoming episode is told without sound like that Fraction and Aja comic book.

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