Every Episode 1 of Hawkeye: Egg and Secret

Every Episode 1 of Hawkeye: Egg and Secret ...

Hawkeye, a new series created in accordance with Matt Fraction and David Aja''s excellentHawkeye comic book, will be released almost immediately, with opening credits clearly defined as the font and aesthetics of the covers from thatHawkeyecomic.

In the video below, you''ll see all of them, including the shoutout toIron Man and Obadiah Stane (the tower Kate Bishopdestroys is named after him), the inspiration for the very funny Rogers: The MusicalBroadway show, where Tigra might make a very subtle first appearance, and the backstory of Lucky the Pizza Dog, the one-eyed mutt who becomes Hawkeye and Hawkeyes sidekick in the series.

More videos on Saturdays, including all of the plot holes in Eternals, and how to contrast Celestials in Eternals with Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thanos'' possible origin as an Eternal. Plus, there will be tons more videos on this channel. Please subscribe to all of our other episodes. Hawkeye''s new episodes will be available on Disney+.

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